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Instances didn't get an ip from neutron dhcp agent


I had 3 nodes namely compute, contoller and the network node in where neutron resides the dhcp agent and l3 router.

All of them have nova compute on each and openvswitch plugins on it. I used to create a network, subnet and router via cli, on any of the nodes.

But got a problem when I used to run the instances could not get an iP from the controller and compute nodes except for the network that has no problem at all as I can communicate all instances on the same subnet as long as the instances created in the network node host.

My query now, how to let the dhcp agent able to distribute the IPs on the different nodes? Where is my problem? I tried to do manually changing the IPs but still doesn't connect to different nodes. The dashboard get an assigned iP but not on instances, again except for the network node instances.