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Can't delete or force-delete instance

This is Havana on Centos 6.5 on a VM-based test installation for learning. I am using the Redhat/Centos installation guide. One control node, two compute nodes.

My goal is to remove a few instances. Some are on a compute host that is currently down, one is on a compute host that is up but appears to be misconfigured.

First, I try nova delete. This turns some instances' Task States to "deleting", but doesn't delete anything. I am doing this as the admin user.

nova list:

| Name      | Status  | Task State | Power State | Networks       |
| cirros-12 | SHUTOFF | deleting   | Shutdown    | vmnet= |
| cirros-15 | ERROR   | -          | NOSTATE     |                |

nova force-delete cirros-12:

ERROR: Cannot 'forceDelete' while instance is in vm_state stopped (HTTP 409) [...]

nova force-delete cirros-15:

ERROR: Cannot 'forceDelete' while instance is in vm_state error (HTTP 409) [...]

cirros-15 is on the misconfigured compute host; thus the error state.

It seems that I could use SQL to remove it from the database, but am not sure if this is the right way to do it, and it's tedious and error-prone anyway. So, what do I do in such a situation?