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how to tftp through neutron VM => real machine

HI, all I want is to starts my VM using an already existing pxe server running well in my LAN.

the probleme is that all my tftp request made inside my VM to my server is ┬źNATED┬╗ by the router, and then all response is made to the router, who of cours reject the response.

my setup :

  • . the VM who do : curl tftp://
  • . the server with a running tftp server (named devlinux.di).
  • . the virtual router created via neutron.

my tests :

  • I can ssh into the VM
  • the VM can curl
  • the VM can ping
  • all port on tcp/udp is allowed in the security group.

  • i can curl tftp:// from another real PC in the network of

  • i can't curl tftp:// from the VM.

syslog on say :

Apr 7 14:43:42 devlinux in.tftpd[1614]: RRQ from filename pxelinux.0

Apr 7 14:43:42 devlinux in.tftpd[1614]: tftpd: read: Connection refused

where I expected RRQ from

tcp dump on the vm say :

12:43:40.335400 IP > 49 RRQ "pxelinux.0" octet tsize 0 blksize 512 timeout 6

tcpdump on the server say :

14:43:42.196493 IP > devlinux.di.tftp: 49 RRQ "pxelinux.0" octet tsize 0 blksize 512 timeout 6

so I think neutron or whatever is nating my upd request, and then tftpd-hpa is wrong on the real ip of the request...