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LBaaS solution for eleminate SPOF required

Hi guys,

i'm looking since days for a solution to solve the SPOF (single point of failure) of the lbaas. A easy solution with a config option is not available yet.

The next option is to install/configure some not OpenStack related tools like pacemaker. I realise my L3-Agent faiover with an self writen RA for pacemaker to switch routers on broken l3 agent to the running on with the neutron API. The same can be workin with LbaaS but there's a problem again:

  • No API function to switch a pool from agent A to agent b
  • configurations of HAProxy replicate => this can be solvd with drbd or some shared network storage like NFS
  • Devices are not the same => L3 switch router from agent A (broken) to agent B the devices names are not the same
  • -

Is there any solution to solve this SPOF ? I mean a LB should not only scale/balancing your cluster/application the second task is the failover of broken members.

P.S: I'll post the question on the mailing list too.

Thx and cheers Heiko