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Can I deploy a RedHat 6.4 VM through Heat?

I created a RedHat 6.4 image with cloud-init and imported it to Glance. I am trying to launch a stack using that redHat image.

However I am not sure if RedHat 6.4 is supported as a workload Platform. From the existing public templates which I downloaded, I see the following

"LinuxDistribution": { "Default": "RHEL-6.3", "Description" : "Distribution of choice", "Type": "String", "AllowedValues" : [ "F18", "F17", "U10", "RHEL-6.1", "RHEL-6.2", "RHEL-6.3" ] },

RHEL 6.3 is mentioned but 6.4 is not.

When I tried to launch the stack as RHEL-6.3, I get following error in cloud-init logs in the VM:

boot.log:DEBUG [2014-03-18 22:36:26,717] Running command: /bin/systemctl start crond.service boot.log:DEBUG [2014-03-18 22:36:26,723] Return code of 127 after executing: '['su', 'root', '-c', '/bin/systemctl start crond.service']'

The "systemctl" command doesn't exist in my redhat 6.4. It would have been more appropriate to run the "service" command to start/stop services.