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filter scheduler debug question


I have built a Havana infrastructure with two compute nodes of which one is using trusted boot via Intel Trusted Execution Technology. So far, I have been successful in deploying Havana, OpenAttestation 2.1, and have configured the nova.conf [trusted_computing] section appropriately. I have registered my tboot host in the OAT portal successfully and can get attestation results manually from my controller node via wget. I am also fairly sure that I have no certificate errors in my setup. Still, scheduling an instance with the flavor extra spec trust:trusted_host returns with an instance state ERROR. (Non-trusted instances are spawned without issues.)

Investigating this, I have now both looked into the nova scheduler log (verbose debug True) and into the tomcat access log of OAT. What I have noticed is that the scheduler seems to run through all filters with success, returning my two hosts, but the trusted_filter immediately returns zero hosts without further comment. The tomcat access log reveals that OAT is never queried by the controller node, so I am at loss what is going on. I would appreciate any pointer where / how to look further, specifically if any sort of logging output of the trusted_filter can be enabled.

I noticed that there is a caching mechanism inside the module but not being a Python expert I do not know how to turn it off, just in case.

Thanks, Markus