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Openstack and sdn: should I use it?

I need to develop an sdn application and I found openvswitch and floodlight a good way to develop it. Central to this application is the ability to migrate/clone VMs programmatically, according to some stats I get from sources, setting flows to redirect traffic.

In order for everything to work I have to create an overlay network for the VMs and manage it, so find a way to plug a VM into it, get its ip address, make other vms know about its existence and so on. The good part is that I directly interact with the openvswitch and the controller and I can set flows and direct traffic as I please by using just the controller apis.

On the other hand openstack does not natively support sdn and I have to use its api in order to develop my application. I never worked with openstack and I'd need to learn it. The good part is that network and in general the managment part is already done by its quantum component: I should get to create overlay networks without any problem as everything is done.

So, what do you suggest me? I feel like openstack is really big, related to my project (it is all networking, the only "compute" part is to get a stream and relay it to another node), but on the other hand it saves me a lot of work for the managment part.