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Where can I find good info on setting up Openstack with GFS2

Good Morning. Trying to use Openstack with GFS2 clustered storage. I am not finding a whole lot of info out there about how to go about doing this, though I am seeing some have tried to do it. I managed to get the storage presented to 2 hosts, yes I know you need 3 for better performing quorum, but the 3rd is currently indisposed, and I have got it working with 2. I did call the volume cinder-volumes and I did do a packstack install, but I cannot create any volumes and in the dashboard, I am not seeing the 2TB that I want to see. I was hoping someone could tell me whether you can use Openstack with GFS2 storage and if you can, how do you go about getting Openstack to use it?

Thanks in advance