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Customization script not effective/harmful

I am trying to run a simple bash script using the customization code/user data. I am getting some really funky problems. Sometimes the instance launches fine but the script was never run. Other times I can't even ssh into the instance because I'm getting a read from socket failed error. I am provisioning instances with the ubuntu precise cloudimg.

This launches but never makes a folder


mkdir /home/ubuntu/test

This launches and gives me an ssh error mkdir /home/ubuntu/test

This (what I'm ultimately trying to do) results in an ssh error as well


echo nameserver | sudo tee -a /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base sudo resolvconf -u sudo ip route add default via

I have been unable to find any detailed info on the horizon side of the user data. I have read the guides mentioning using the nova cli but it is important that this is as simple as possible. What am I doing wrong here?