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swift and Cyberduck

Hi everybody

Can someone show me how to make a connection between cyberduck in window to swift storage?

currently i have a situation as below

1) I have swift.1.4.3 installed, I have swauth1.0.2 installed

  • I have already created an admin user:

    swauth-add-user -A -K secure_key -a test tester testing

  • And make sure it works:

    swift -A -U test:tester -K testing stat -v

2) I have cyberduck 4.1 installed on window7

=> my problem is: when I make a connection on Swift(Open Stack storage) to my swift on ubuntu 10.04 LTS then it requires user and API Access key

I input as below

username: test.tester API access key: testing

my purpose is to see something like picture or files that stored in ubuntu swift will display in cyberduck,


after a while, cyberduck authenticating as test.tester then, it returns nothing, there is no cyberduck swift connection displaying.

Can anyone help me on this matter?

Thank in advance