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OpenStack Compute & Glance Host Information

Hello All,

I am bringing up Nova Compute as part of a three-node setup (Cloud controller, Network controller and Compute host) and I find that Nova Compute picks up the localhost's IP as the Glance Host despite glance_api_servers clearly specifying the Cloud Controller's IP in nova.conf.

The cloud controller has keystone, cinder, glance and quantum-server running. When I run nova image-list on the compute host with keystone credentials (username, tenant name, password and auth-url), I am able to get a list of all registered images as expected.

Where does openstack-nova-compute pick up the Glance Host information from? I was under the assumption that it picks it up from the nova.conf file, but it does not appear to be so based on this behavior. I enabled 'debug' and I see that the glance host is being set to the IP address of the local host where compute runs on. I did notice that the glance_api_servers is set to 'localhost:9292' on the Cloud Controller. Thinking that this might be an issue (RPC sends 'localhost:9292' to compute and compute uses that), I modified it, restarted my services and I still run into the same problem.

I did _not_ run into this problem in my earlier attempts and wanted to check if this was a known issue. I could not find a similar thread, but if there is one, it would be very helpful if you could point me to it.


Fedora 18 on all three nodes Grizzly (sourced from RDO) - openstack-nova-compute-2013.1.2-4.fc19.noarch