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changing the bind_port in proxy-server.conf

I am using the current devstack (master) . If port 8080 is used by another service and I want to change the bind_port- where else should I make changes or update the new bind_port)

The reason is that if I change to anothr value (e.g. 80802 - which is not used by another service as seen by netstat) I get my system hanging when I command : swift stat

Also : what version is stable enough (if not master) if I want to use swift with a real disk object store i.e the proxy-server and the objetc -server are to be separate .

   how do I command (in loacalrc) to use that stable version after 'gitting' as follows: 
   git clone git://

   Is it just add to localrc somelines like this:

   SWIFT_BRANCH=1.4.8  (or SWIFT_BRANCH=stable/essex ?)