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about the ovs plugin & ovs setup for the tunnel network type

Hi there,

I am little new to the openstack networking project, previously known as quantum

Anyway I have few simple questions regarding the way ovs gets configured the way it is in the current form in kvm!!

Here it goes,

  • As I understand, OVS setups two datapaths instances br-int & br-tun & uses patch port to connect them. Additionally it uses local vlans in the br-int for the vm-vm traffic!! o I understand the reason behind the current setup but I am not sure why it needs to be like it?  can’t the same features can be supported with single instance like br-int & fllows are setup correctly to get things right including quantum security groups?

I know there must be some technical reasons behind all these but I just want get some history & also want to know whether anyone is planning to enhance it in future?