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Why devstack installation does not populate keystone services and endpoints?

I recently made some successful installations using devstack but at a certain point I discovered that it doesn't populate keystone DB with services and related end-points as described here Why?

As in the past I made an installation using that manual, I know that Horizon should not show some functions until the related service and end point are configured. On the other hand the horizon installation made by devstack works properly even if the services are not cataloged. Why?

I tried to populate keystone DB myself but I was only able to populate the services. When I try to populate the end-points I get errors like this:

openstack@Ubuntu4OpenStack01:~/hpStack$ keystone endpoint-create --service_id 0789311e1e1d4d06a1af6a91981deb1a --publicurl '$(tenant_id)s' --adminurl '' --internalurl '' No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client" The action you have requested has not been implemented. (HTTP 501)


Thanks so much.