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I can't get vnc console


I need some support in order to get VNC console from running instances. I'm using stack get_vnc_cosole:

stack --user=rafael --project=myproject compute get_vnc_console instance_id=4 {u'url': u''}

Then I've tried the given url in both chrome and firefox, getting two different errors. In chrome I've got noVNC screen and a 'Server disconnected' error. In firefox I've also got noVNC screen but error message is now 'Connect timeout', in addition when firefox is used I get this output from command line:

localhost.localdomain - - [18/Apr/2011 12:41:48] code 400, message Bad request syntax ('<policy-file-request/>\x00') localhost.localdomain - - [18/Apr/2011 12:41:48] "<policy-file-request/>" 40

I'd appreciate some help a lot