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Swift doesn't work

I deploy keystone+swift on multihost. There are 9 swift-proxy processes running on the proxy node. However, i don't think it's working as i use swift command to ask for the account list: swift -A -U admin -K password list -V 2

The swift-proxy do listen on 8080 port and the connection between the request client and the proxy server: tcp 107 0 ESTABLISHED 11519/python

However,it doesn't get any reply. I test and find the keystone is all right but find there is no response from swift-proxy server.That also I can't use curl to access swift either.

I have already set up the swift endpointTemplate and the swift endpoint for the tenant admin. I just can't find out the problem. I have tried SAIO and it works.But not the multinode here this time. The OS i use is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,and the swift version is 1.4.5.