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periodic keystone query for active instances

I'm running based on Grizzly with quantum+OVS+vlan. When I have an active instance in the cloud, I noticed about a periodic keystone query from the compute node with the active instance. Each time, the compute node requests 4 new tokens. Anyone know why this happen ?

I notice some logs in nova-compute.log, but not sure if it is related:

2013-06-04 15:35:52.242 DEBUG [req-abe1ca6d-f282-4ec4-b696-b24006a6367e 8cbad06dd1764bae93612132ca62671d 45a521413d9b43ff888abb7de9878171] get_instance_nw_info() for aabb _get_instance_nw_info /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/network/quantumv2/

Thanks. -chen