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Use Linux bridge to assign networks, but not IPs

I have setup quantum with the linux bridge plugin. For now, I'm not looking to do IPAM in quantum, just to create networks. I want to assign VMs to networks without IP subnets, but if i do that then nova doesn't create network interfaces for those VMs (no errors in either compute.log or linuxbridge-agent.log).

Here's an example:

[root@cloud1 ~(keystone_admin)]# quantum net-create lab-test --tenant_id 60899984662e4f38b703f7126de48473 --provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network testnet Created a new network: +---------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | Field | Value | +---------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | admin_state_up | True | | id | 29989e92-3210-4d7c-af1b-dba53165352b | | name | lab-test | | provider:network_type | flat | | provider:physical_network | testnet | | provider:segmentation_id | | | router:external | False | | shared | False | | status | ACTIVE | | subnets | | | tenant_id | 60899984662e4f38b703f7126de48473 |


[root@cloud1 ~(keystone_user)]$ nova boot --flavor m1.small --image rh6 --nic net-id=29989e92-3210-4d7c-af1b-dba53165352b test

testnet does exist in the plugin.ini:

network_vlan_ranges = testnet:100:200 ...

physical_interface_mappings = testnet:vbr-em1

Inside the vm, I only have the "lo" interface. If I create a subnet, then an eth0 device gets created. I've tried both "flat" and "vlan" for network_type.

What's the right way to do this?