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Account and User creation failed

Hi All,

When I try to create a user using the .super_admin credentials I get an error.

root@i-00000c7f:~# swauth-add-user -A -U .super_admin -K mykey test-account test-user test-passwd Account creation failed: 400 Bad Request User creation failed: 400 Bad Request

I know the .super_admin is working to some degree because I can run the following.

root@i-00000c7f:~# swauth-list -A -U .super_admin -K mykey {"accounts": [{"name": "system"}]}

I haven't been able to find any useful errors in syslog on the proxy or nodes but I'm open to suggestions as to what to look for.

In proxy-server.conf

allow_account_management = true

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks, Everett