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Adding a second external network using gre, second network does not route?

I was successful in creating an initial gre-based external network using the following guide "Per-tenant Routers with Private Networks": However, when I create a second external network and attempt to add a second tenant network, router, vm, etc. It does not seem to route. Are there any special steps to add the second external network that isn't mentioned in the documentation?

Thanks in advance! Ed

Here are the steps I used to create everything on the second network:

NOTE: the first external network was

quantum net-create EXTERNAL_NETWORK2 --provider:network_type local --router:external true quantum subnet-create EXTERNAL_NETWORK2 --gateway

NOTE: the first tenant network was

quantum net-create TENANT_NET2 quantum subnet-create TENANT_NET2 nova boot --image ${image_id} --flavor 1 --nic net-id=<tenant_net2 id=""> TESTVM quantum router-create TENANT_ROUTER2 quantum router-interface-add TENANT_ROUTER2 <tenant_net2 subnet="" id=""> quantum router-gateway-set TENANT_ROUTER2 EXTERNAL_NETWORK2 quantum floatingip-create EXTERNAL_NETWORK2 quantum floatingip-associate <floating ip="" id=""> <vm port="" id="">