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Problem with folders/directories while using S3 middletier

Hi all, I'd like to use Swift as a S3 compatible interface. To do that, we have been using middletier written in Python, provided with swift. The problem I had encountered is happening, when I'm trying to upload an object with path, let's say: bucketname/a/b/c.txt If directories 'a' and 'b' does not exist, the file will fail to upload with status message: <error> InvalidURI <message>Could not parse the specified URI</message> </error>

On the other hand, if I upload file directly to the bucket: bucketname/c.txt everything works as expected.

I guess this is somehow related to this topic in documentation:

But that bug itself puts compatibility with S3 in doubt, since S3 behaves properly in that case - forces creating directories.

Any help would be appreciated, since this is extremely important case for me.


P.S. I'm using S3curl for tests.