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HTTP multi-range request support

I hope here is the right place to ask such question.

Is there any ongoing work to add the full support for HTTP range header including multi-range requests in SWIFT? If not, is there any project assumption to reject this full support?

I'm currently developing a service for validation of a file upon its partial content. So it is required to be able to request: GET /<api version="">/<account>/<container>/<object> HTTP/1.1 Host: X-Auth-Token: eaaafd18-0fed-4b3a-81b4-663c99ec1cbb Range: bytes=0-50, 100-150, and so on for example

Unfortunately, according to the docs: this Range form is not supported. Running such request against swift endpoint results in HTTP/1.1 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Also checked the blueprints: but was unable to find any related feature.

So, is there any ongoing work to add the full http range support? Could it be proposed as blueprint in SWIFT project?