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Cinder create a new volume error

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in cinder and now I came across a problem when creating new volume.

cinder create --display-name test 1

+--------------------------------------+--------+--------------+------+-------------+-------------+ | ID | Status | Display Name | Size | Volume Type | Attached to | +--------------------------------------+--------+--------------+------+-------------+-------------+ | ab719d8d-42a4-44bc-b627-96b30e3f5002 | error | test | 1 | None | | +--------------------------------------+--------+--------------+------+-------------+-------------+

this always displays like "error". But I check the command


the volume is well created and the status is available. And in the log:cinder-scheduler.log

these error display:

ERROR[cinder.scheduler.filters.capacity_filter]Free capacity not set:volume node info collection broken. ERROR[cinder.scheduler.manager]Failed to schedule_create_volume:No valid host was found.

Can someone give me some advice or help?

Thanks a lot!