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object-auditor process consume disk I/O

hello! my swift is 1 proxy node + 5 zones(one storage node each zone, each storage node has 2T disk space), siwft1.4.3

on my storage node, the disk IO speed I got with the help of "time dd if=/dev/zero of=/srv/node/sda3/test bs=1M count=2000" is about 120MB/s; But, once the object-auditor process of storage nodes is on, the IO speed will decrease violently, because the object-auditor has been always reading disk and generating read IO speed about 10MB/s. This case makes the whole speed of swift very slow. Once I stop the object-auditor process, the speed of swift becomes very quick.

I knew that object-auditor process's function is to ensure the integrity of objects/container/account, but is it neccessary to keep it always on? Perhaps there is something wrong of my configure. So I need some advice and help, Thanks!