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set accaunt quota in swift

When I try to set the account-quota with reseller admin i have this error:

~ # swift -V 2 -A http://???:5000/v2.0 -U reseller:reseller -K passwd post -m quota-bytes:1024000

Account POST failed: http://xxxxx:8888/v1/AUTH_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 403 Forbidden [first 60 chars of response] <html>


Access was denied to this resource


77 if request.environ.get('reseller_request') is True:
78 if new_quota and not new_quota.isdigit():
79 return HTTPBadRequest() 80 return 80 return

I am sure that the user is a ResellerAdmin but this condition "request.environ.get('reseller_request')" is never True:

Can you help me? Thanks

My proxy-server.conf -->