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[failed_upload] TTY image ok , but UEC image failed to upload

IMAGE ami-00000020 III/maverick-server-uec-i386.img.manifest.xml failed_upload public i386 machine aki-0000001f


host1 : nova-API / nova-scheduler host2 : nova-network
host3 : nova-compute host4 : Glance / nova-volume / nova-objectstore

While test with TTY image , everything is fine. Instance could be use.

But there're something weird with UEC_image....

The manifest is success upload to nova-objectstore bucket.... After that , images will be upload through Glance , but the status of image stay on "uploading" until 5 mins. becomes "failed_upload"....

It's failed to upload to glance.... I can't find any clue with related log. nova-objectstore.log nova-api.log glance api.log registery.log

Plz let me know your consideration ........