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Not able to register images in openstack

hello Guyz new luanchpad and newbie .. To openstack . i sucessfully installed openstack with few comands on

Ubuntu 12.04 lts with 4gb ram and i5 processor . Using virtual Virtual box to run a instance of ubuntu With openstack . I am able to login to the dashboard .. However not able to register the a tiny image from Please help me ..

test@test-VirtualBox:~/Downloads$ uec-publish-tarball ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1.tar.gz mybucket WARNING: 'uec-publish-tarball' is now to 'cloud-publish-tarball'. Please update your tools or docs Fri Dec 14 15:08:23 IST 2012: ====== extracting image ====== kernel : ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-vmlinuz ramdisk: ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-initrd image : ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1.img Fri Dec 14 15:08:24 IST 2012: ====== bundle/upload kernel ====== failed to bundle kernel ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-vmlinuz failed: euca-bundle-image --destination /tmp/cloud-publish-image.uDiPYs --arch x86_64 --image /tmp/cloud-publish-image.uDiPYs/.rename.l3BuxG/ttylinux-uec-amd64-12.1_2.6.35-22_1-vmlinuz --kernel true Environment variable: EC2_CERT not foundfailed to upload kernel