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Network Injection not working

Hi, I am evaluating the nova on a single box with a br100 bridge and eth0 attached to it. I have given a static IP to the br100. I created a project network as follows: /usr/bin/nova-manage network create 1 256

Following is the nova.conf for your reference:

--dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --dhcpbridge=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --logdir=/var/log/nova --state_path=/var/lib/nova --lock_path=/var/lock/nova --verbose --s3_host= --rabbit_host= --cc_host= --ec2_url= --fixed_range= --network_size=8 --FAKE_subdomain=ec2 --routing_source_ip= --sql_connection=mysql://root:password@ --glance_host= --glance_port=9292 --image_service=nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService

When I launch the instances, I can see in the logs that the key is being injected during the launch but I can't see the network being injected and consequently I am not able to ping the instance. I am using the ubuntu 1386 image downloaded from Eucalyptus website.

Is there any issues with the network configuration or am I missing something? Please suggest.

Thanks Mandeep Singh