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ubuntu image for libvirt_type=lxc

Hello, I am looking for an image of ubuntu 12.04 that can be used with lxc virtualization in a devstack system.

Here: is a vague explanation, how to convert an existing (cirros) image for lxc ("Make a copy of cirros-0.3.0-x86_64-blank.img (name it cirros-lxc.img or whatever), mount, and copy everything from foobar over"). But I would need precise steps with clear links to the original file, that may be possibly converted for lxc.

Can any of the images at be converted for lxc? I have made several attempts extracting the "/" filesystem from these images and converting them to raw image format with qemu-img, but none of them boots in the openstack dashboard (going to "Error" state everytime). I have also created a lxc root filesystem (using "lxc-create -t ubuntu"). Can I use this for lxc under devstack?

Thanks Alan