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How to update a user`s tenant_id

Hi, I created a user with providing wrong/non-existing tenant_id and keystone accepted it.

Is it a Bug?

Command i used is :-

keystone user-create --name=admin --tenant_id bfca3bfe0358484cbbec6ebb0764ef62 --pass=secret --enabled true

I need to update my user by providing it with correct tenant id.

I used command :-

keystone user-update --name=admin --tenant_name demo 71d36d2c83f34bfd9a6bdf9b26ab24ac

I got error for passing wrong parameters.

but when i passed parameters for changing e-mail address

keystone user-update --name=admin 71d36d2c83f34bfd9a6bdf9b26ab24ac

User has been updated.

It works.

What am i missing?

Am using keystone 2012.1~rc1~20120 on ubuntu 12.04