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configure Neutron with 2 external networks using linuxbridge plugin / agent

I have 2 VLANs on the physical interface of my single-node OpenStack Havana setup based on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS x64. The interface itself is a bond device of 2 10 GE links connected to a switch via LACP. I would like to use the linuxbridge plugin/agent instead of openvswitch in order to try to keep things less complex.

The goal is to have multiple tenants with their own private networks and floating IPs of either the first or the second external interface. No tenant shall be connected to both external VLANs at the same time.

What I read so far sounds like this should be possible if I would use linuxbridge in vlan mode and create 2 provider networks with the known VLAN IDs. For each provider network a single L3 (and metadata) agent would be needed. Then I would create a router for each tenant network and connect it to one of the 2 provider networks. With the quota setting for the number of routers I could enforce that each tenant is only connected to the first or the second provider network but not both at the same time.

So far I didn't have success with running 2 L3 agents at the same time. I also set the host variable in each config file to virtual hostnames (aliases to public IP in /etc/hosts). When starting the second L3 agent the bridge configuration seems to get messed up. Restarting both L3 agents multiple times also doesn't work.