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About openstack creating a windows image

My ubuntu is 12.0 LTS. I want to create a windows image so that I can launch a windows instance.The windows ios is 2k3server. I follow this step:(documents from Openstack ) 1. #kvm-img create -f raw windowsserver.img 20G 2. #kvm -m 1024 -cdrom cn_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_with_sp2_vl_cd1_X13-46432.iso -drive file=windowsserver.img,if=virtio,boot=on -drive file=virtio-win-0.1-30.iso,media=cdrom -boot d -nographic -vnc :10

Then I use vnc access next . But windows installer can not find hard disk driver .I can't solve it.It's not over~

After that I find somebody else use :

kvm -m 1024 -cdrom cn_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_x64_with_sp2_vl_cd1.iso -drive file=windowsserver.img,if=virtio,boot=on -fda virtio-win-1.1.16.vfd -boot order=d,menu=on -usbdevice tablet -nographic -vnc :10

This can solve my issue ,then I install the windows server successfully.And have made a windows image.

So,I am uploading this image to glance,and there is no problem.

I launch a instance use the windows image,but the instance is erred.Can you help me.