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Possible routing issue: Cannot get VM access outside

Hi guys,

I am trying to get quantum working with Grizzly on my single node POC environment.

My issue is VMs cannot access outside network.

I have 2 interface on the host

em1 with IP

em2 without IP for br-ex

I have Openvswitch + dhcp + l3 agents running

I have one interface on the VM with DHCP. DNS look ups also don't work on the VMs. I am able to ping Host public IPs.

I am able to assign floating IP to VMs and access to it from outside. That works

But I cannot access outside from VMs, no ping, no ssh, no http access.

I am guessing this might be a routing issue within the Openstack host. Maybe routing issue on the subnet I am creating ?

What would be the things I should check to troubleshoot this issue ?

I would appreciate it if you quantum experts can help me and brainstorm on this issue.