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tap devices getting tagged to 4095

I have installed 2 node environment. node 1- controller - nova-compute/nova-api/nova-volume/nova-network/quanutm-server/OpenVswitch in vlan mode/quantum-openvswitch-agent. node 2 - compute node - nova-compute/nova-api/openvswitch/quantum-openvswitch-agent

VMs launched on controller work fine. I am able to ping/ssh to them.

However, VMs launched on compute node cannot be pinged or sshed.

When i do, sudo ovs-vsctl show, I see that VMs (tap devices) on the compute node are all getting tag: 4095

Also, when look at the console log of the VMs, I see that

No lease, forking to background starting DHCP forEthernet interface eth0 [ OK ] cloud-setup: checking http:\/\/\/2009-04-04\/meta-data\/instance-id wget: can't connect to remote host ( Network is unreachable cloud-setup: failed 1\/30: up 10.46. request failed

Any clue is appreciated. Thanks, vj