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Cinder storage question

Hi Openstack experts, I have some questions with regards to using LVM as the backend storage for Nova/Cinder. I have setup cinder as per openstack official website instructions where I created a new cinder volume volume group on the storage node (i.e. I have setup a separate storage node to have the cinder volume service and cinder target service on there). When I created the new instances from horizon, I selected "create new volume" for the instances. I noticed that it (1) creates a file under /var/lib/nova/instances/ and (2) a file within the volume group "cinder volumes" on the storage node My questions are: In my scenario, does my instance actually exist on compute:/var/lib/nova/instances or within the cinder volumes volume group on the storage node? What exactly (i.e. OS or data) are stored under compute:/var/lib/nova/instances and what exactly (i.e. OS or data) are stored under the volume group cinder volumes on the storage node? it creates a new volumes which is attached to the instances I created (I can actually see the new volumes in horizon), does that mean that volume can be detached (provided that I shutdown the instance where the volume was initially attached to) and re-attach to another instance?