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Veeam rescue ISO uploaded to openstack image not bootable

Hello, I've generated a Veeam rescue ISO file on a Windows 2016 VM server and tested it on VirtualBox and it work, it boot, and show me the Veeam rescue environment. Then I've uploaded the file to openstack image with the command :

glance image-create --name VeeamRecueISO --disk-format iso 
                    --container-format bare --file VeeamRecoveryMedia_SRV.iso

but when I activate the rescue mode with :

openstack server rescue --image ID_IMG ID_SRV

it just say : no bootable device

I tried to change several property like :

glance image-update --property hw_rescue_bus=ide --property hw_rescue_device=cdrom ID_IMG

but always the same... Any advice ?