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OpenStack Installation Guide Doesn't Work for CentOS 7 Full?


I've tried following the above guide with multiple setups using CentOS 7 Minimal and also on CentOS 7 Full and the script for just doesn't work.

Firstly, there are several core issues that I've noticed;

  1. Git is not installed by default on a fresh CentOS 7 OS - you need to install this via: sudo yum install git -y
  2. Nano is not installed out of the box (I'm pretending Vi doesn't exist...) so you can't create the local.conf file - you need to install this via: sudo yum install nano -y
  3. The local.conf file doesn't seem to be used when you run the command, ./, as the credentials you enter in there you are asked again during the install to re-install them again which suggests to me they aren't used?
  4. The base repositories aren't included in a default CentOS 7 install which means the dependencies for the file fail unless you install them as follows: sudo yum install redhat-lsb-core -y

And even after all that, the script still fails on line 599.

I've come to the conclusion (and perhaps the guide should be updated) that OpenStack does not support CentOS 7.

I'm off to try Ubuntu Server 18.04 next... Not confident that this will be any different...

Is OpenStack really a piece of software that is ready to be used? I've not managed to get a successful setup with this after days of researching options, testing installations, following endless incomplete/inaccurate guides online (on OpenStack and elsewhere...). It's not a good start for me...