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VIM register status PENDING on Openstack Train installed via Kolla-Ansible

Hello, I have installed OpenStack using Kolla-Anible deploy tools successful. When I try to register VIM, the status does not change from PENDING. Here are the link to some logs file:

A) Tacker log file: The file tacker-conductor.log is empty. Here are the link for full tacker-server.log in pastebin:

B) Events and logs recorded on the time of registration of one VIM: tacker event info, tacker-server.log, mistral, and keystone logs. Pastebin link:

tacker --version 1.0.0

Another things wired is when issue the commands openstack vim show xxxx" the time recorded is wrong, while the tacker and mistral logs show the correct time. The time has been adjusted on the dashboard but the issue still not fixed.