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Monitoring of VNF is not working


I have tacker stable/pike setup through kolla-ansible. Openstack VIM is registered and REACHABLE. Able to deploy/terminate VNF from tacker.

When applying monitoring policy, it is not working. I see icmp packet from tacker server to VIM server, for VIM status monitoring, but same is not there for VNF.

Below is the section having monitoring policy.


    image: CentOS-7
    name: Self_Healing
    flavor: Tacker_Flavor
    availability_zone: nova
    mgmt_driver: noop
      name: ping
        monitoring_delay: 20
        count: 3
        interval: 0.2
        timeout: 2
        retry: 6
        failure: respawn

Even if I shut down the instance manually in VIM, vnf manager shows instance as ACTIVE. No trace of same in tacker-server, tacker-conductor, mistral logs.

In deployed vnf event tab, last event is with Resource state "Active", Event type "Monitor" with monitoring details. No workflow created to monitor VNF.

Running Container Services are:

tacker_server, tacker_conductor, barbican_worker, barbican_keystone_listener, barbican_api, mistral_executor, mistral_engine, mistral_api, horizon, keystone, rabbitmq, mariadb, cron, kolla_toolbox, fluentd and memcached.

Kindly suggest what should be checked.