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Private Cloud

Hello Guys

I am new to openstack issues and I would like your help to clarify some doubts.

I have 4 server and Storage Equallogic for a Lab of Openstack but I am not clear what I should install on the nodes. I know that a node must be installed as a controller, but the 3 nodes that are by iscsi network to storage and share a LUN, I do not know if I only have to install all the components in each node compute, storage and networking or I must configure as multinode where I read configuring a controller node, a compute, networking and storage node.

In my lab I want to create a cluster and have the VMs be created on the LUN of equallogic.

I read that I must configure cinder but as I ask I can install in three nodes all the services of compute, storage, network.

Thank you for ypur help.