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Ironic problem when provide node

Hi friends,

I am experiencing a problem with ironic. When I try to put my recently created node in provide mode the process fails. The openstack baremetal node show $NODE_UUID shows the provision_state as clean failed.

The last_error field shows:

Failed to prepare node c43b5ed4-2de1-4f4c-88b0-4c07a1f97b42 for cleaning: Failed to create neutron ports for node's c43b5ed4-2de1-4f4c-88b0-4c07a1f97b42 ports [Port(address=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,created_at=2020-04-27T01:10:27Z,extra={},id=3,internal_info={},is_smartnic=False,local_link_connection={},node_id=1,physical_network='provider',portgroup_id=None,pxe_enabled=True,updated_at=None,uuid=eed43ccc-3dd8-47e6-aa32-6f96db99ec42)].

The ironic is capable of working with ML2 linuxbridge mechanism? I ask this because the ironic documentation shows OVS as ML2 mechanism. My ML2 mechanism driver is linuxbridge. Maybe this be the cause of the problem?

My config files:

  1. ml2_conf.ini:
  2. ironic.conf:
  3. ironic_neutron_agent.ini:

The log files:

  1. ironic-api.log:
  2. ironic-conductor.log:
  3. ironic-neutron-agent.log:

My environment: Openstack Train Ubuntu server 18.04

Thank you very much.

PS: this a new baremetal installation and I am not a specialist in the topic. This can be an error of mine and I apologize if that is the case.