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How to schedule VMs in few specific host?

I have 4 nodes, 1 controller nodes and 3 compute node.

I divined into 2 AZ, AZ1 (compute1) and AZ2(compute2, compute3)

I can use create instance w/ --avaibilty-zone AZ1 (AZ2) to make the instance build in compute1 or compute2/3

But the openstack always schedule VMs on compute3 why I set --avability-zone AZ2 (3 compute nodes have like the same config (8GB ram, 4 core, HDD).

So are there anyway to make openstack schedule VMs on compute2 node too when I use --avaibility-zone AZ2

I only can use --avaibilty-zone AZ2:compute2:compute2 to make the instance create on it.