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Horizon from Github Source does not work because quantum is not getting installed.

Hi, I am using Diablo branch and openstack-dashboard/tools/pip-requires has


when i run

$ python tools/ Everything works fine for me exuding quantum installation.

Obtaining quantum from git+ (from -r /home/keystone/horizon/openstack-dashboard/tools/pip-requires (line 22)) Updating ./.dashboard-venv/src/quantum clone Running egg_info for package quantum Checking for virtual-env and easy_install done. Command 'egg' not found No files/directores in /home/keystone/horizon/openstack-dashboard/.dashboard-venv/src/quantum (from dependency_links.txt) Storing complete log in /home/keystone/.pip/pip.log Command "/home/keystone/horizon/openstack-dashboard/tools/ pip install -E /home/keystone/horizon/openstack-dashboard/.dashboard-venv -r /home/keystone/horizon/openstack-dashboard/tools/pip-requires" failed. None

Am i doing something wrong? Is it related to Virtual environment issue?