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How to configure OpenStack using DevStack for east-west communication between VMs


I've proceeded the installation of OpenStack by using DevStack, from the bellow guide:

I've done that on VirtualBox, when I created 4 VMs, named: Controller Node, Network Node, Compute Node 1, Compute Node 2. I'd like to implement case 3 and case 4 from:

Case 3: East-west communication for instances on different networks

Case 4: East-west communication for instances on the same network

The general purpose of mine is to review the communication between the instances, first in OpenStack environment. Then, add OpenDaylight, to configure fully working SDN environment and compare the behave.

My question is, which of the available guides will work in my case? What are the steps to configure such environment? I found tones of them and I'm really confused which one will be right to use. I followed the configuration from the link above, but it seems that something is missing, as I couldn't see the services which were required to be run. I'm the beginner when it comes to OpenStack and in general the configuration staff.

I will be more than grateful for any help.