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IPv6 over an IPv4 provider network

Is there a Neutron-supported way to communicate with an external server from an IPv6 tenant network, over an IPv4-only provider network ?

Ideally, I'm thinking about NAT64 or 6in4 tunneling. I see no such feature on Neutron routers, but I'm not very experienced and I could be mistaken. What I have found on this topic so far is an unanswered list e-mail from 2014, and my understanding is that OpenStack currently assumes that if tenants want to use IPv6, then the provider network should be IPv6-capable.

I currently work on Stein, on all-in-one deployments (for now), with an ML2/OpenvSwitch mechanism driver and VXLAN tenant networks. For the context, this is a teaching environment, hence the unconventional (?) IPv4-only provider network, which I see as a welcome opportunity to explore 4-to-6 migration techniques.

I guess I could use non-Neutron routers (dedicated VMs, or even the networking capabilities of the underlying Linux platform) to do that, but that sounds a little bit overkill.

Any advice welcome! Thanks in advance.