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openstack over openstack external network

Hello there.

Hope you are fine.

I am deploying openstack using kolla on top another openstack platform.
lets name the two platforms OSLe0 and OSLe1: OSLe1 is the OpenStack platform installed on top of OSle0 instances.
my own architecture is a clustered control plane with network nodes separated of controller nodes.
my network nodes have interfaces on an OSLe0 subnet (extnet): this subnet is expected to OSLe1 external network.

My own problem resides on the external network of OSLe1 : basically an instance inside OSLe1 cannot ping the external network which is here the gateway of extnet's subnet.

I have tried to ping inside the namespace from a qrouter inside OSLe1 to this gateway but it fails.

the external network is created as type flat on OSLe1.

Do you have any idea on some points that i should take into account about external network in the case of OpenStack over OpenStack

Thank you.