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Please Help on some Object storage services.

Guys ,

 I am running a PACO development node with just 1 replica . I need to understand some concepts of the services that run it , specially deletion related since we have limited disk space.

Please answer few of my questions below .

  1. Is container-replicator mandatory to run since we do not have any the default 3x replica . Asking this because we are afraid as the documentation says it also performs reclaimation , i wonder what kind of replication it performs and if it could make the database keep growing forever if we do not run it. We have fixed containers though , only frquent PUTs and DELETEs.

  2. Can we turn off auditor services as we do not want to keep a check with data as they are not mission critical .

Thank you in advance , please help me out as i am pulling my hair out now due to this.