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error during installation of openstack on ubutu16.04

i am getting the below error, can you please help, i am running ./ and this error i get

++functions-common:time_stop:2523 total=0 ++functions-common:time_stop:2525 _TIME_START[$name]= ++functions-common:time_stop:2526 _TIME_TOTAL[$name]=845 ++functions-common:apt_get:1090 return 0 ++tools/ [[ -n False ]] ++tools/ [[ False != \F\a\l\s\e ]] ++tools/ python3_enabled ++inc/python:python3_enabled:577 [[ False == \T\r\u\e ]] ++inc/python:python3_enabled:580 return 1 +++tools/ which python ++tools/ export PYTHON=/usr/bin/python ++tools/ PYTHON=/usr/bin/python ++tools/ date +%s ++tools/ date +./ [[ False != \T\r\u\e ]] +./ PYPI_ALTERNATIVE_URL= +./ /opt/stack/devstack/tools/ /opt/stack/devstack/localrc: line 1: $: command not found ++./ err_trap ++./ local r=127 ++./ set +o xtrace failed Error on exit Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/generate-subunit", line 5, in <module> from os_testr.generate_subunit import main ImportError: No module named os_testr.generate_subunit

i tried to update the python-subunit but still facing the same issue -> sudo apt-get install python-subunit

let me know if i need to update any other packages.