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Octavia installing error

I have a sample cloud formed by two node, one controller node and one compute node. I have installed some basic service, and now I'm trying to install Octavia service. I follow the following instructions: but, when i ran the script, i get the following error:

Job for apache2.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status apache2.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. +functions-common:restart_service:1 exit_trap local r=1 jobs -p jobs= [[ -n '' ]] '[' -f '' ']' kill_spinner '[' '!' -z '' ']' [[ 1 -ne 0 ]] echo 'Error on exit' Error on exit type -p generate-subunit generate-subunit 1571647844 89 fail [[ -z /opt/stack/logs ]] /opt/stack/devstack/tools/ -d /opt/stack/logs neutron-dhcp-agent: no process found neutron-linuxbridge-agent: no process found neutron-metadata-agent: no process found exit 1

How i can solve it? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: i have neutron service installed and it works perfectilly.