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How to chage disk bus "virtio" to "ide" ?


I'm trying to migrate an old virtual machine (it is more than 8 years old) from Proxmox to OpenStack. In order to do that I created a volume in OpenStack from the old Proxmox machine. After I created the volume, I create a new instance. Nevertheless, as the original machine is so old it uses as disk bus "ide" instead of "virtio" (That is the default for OpenStack), so when I start the instance it is not able to find the disk.

I tried to change the disk bus by changing the metadata properties of the volume and the instance (using the dashboard and using the CLI) but the instance didn't find the disk.

I also tried to change the instance's configuration with virsh editing the instance's xml file, but the instance didn't find the disk and the file goes back to the previous configuration every time that I restart the machine.

As additional information I'm using CEPH as storage for cinder.